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We specializes in the development and design of medical devices, with a particular focus on medical balloon research and production. We can provide integrated solutions of balloon and catheter related products as well as full-set production equipment according to customer requirements. 

Material: PA, PEBAX, PU

Brand: Lubrizol, Arekma, Evonik

Production Environment: 100 000 Class Clean Room

Main Equipments: 2 Balloon Tube Extrusion line, 5 Balloon Neck Forming Machine, 12 Balloon Forming Machine, other equipments such as Balloon Welding Machine, Rediopaque Swaging Machine, Balloon Pleating Machine, Balloon High Pressure Seal Tester, Tip Forming Machine

The utility model provides a vertebral body dilating saccule catheter. The vertebral body dilating saccule catheter comprises a saccule component, a protective sleeve, a handle component and a support wire component in the axial direction, wherein the saccule component comprises dual-cavity tubes, developing marks, a support wire, a saccule, a protective sleeve, and a spacing interface, wherein the developing marks are arranged in the

Jiangsu ChangMei Medtech get EC Certificate by TUV SUD Product Service GmbH on 2015-01-08 which is Disposable Polypectomy Snare, Dilation Balloon Catheter, Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheter.

Jiangsu ChangMei Medtech get EN ISO: 13485:2012 Certificate by TUV SUD Product Service GmbH on 2015-01-08.

Integrity, accountability, personnel, performance, are the values of Changmei all employees.