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This directory is a variety of digestive tract associated with endoscopic medical devices.

Intended use: This devices is mainly used for dilating the digestive tract stricture and adjuvant therapy.


  • Elastic soft tip design, which can smoothly enter into the target position with less tissue damage;
  • The balloon is of extra transparent, which is convenient for observing during the dilation process;
  • The balloon is using imported material with high pressure resistance, less deformation and safer dilation;
  • Thermostatic shaping after multi-wing pleating contributes to excellent resilience and flexible retreat from working channel;
  • Optimal design of the tube is smooth and of good elasticity, strong twisting resistance and easier passability;
  • The radiopaque markers on the balloon can provide precise positioning under X-ray.

Intended use: This device is endoscopically used in digestive system or respiratory tract to guide other devices.


  • Anti-twisting and high elastic NiTi core wire provides excellent torsional rigidity and can pass through complex anatomical structures 
  • Ultra-smooth PTFE coating is convenient for insertion, and bi-color helix design provides clear judgment of motion;
  • Hydrophilic and radiopaque soft head design ensures smooth movement and accurate positioning under X-ray;
  • Soft and round tip design reduces tissue damage of the patients;
  • Patented soft tip connection technology provides multiple protection, thus it is impossible to break off; 
  • Various specifications are available according to clinical requirements, such as stiff guide wire, plastic coated guide wire, zebra guide wire, etc.

Intended use: This device is used endoscopically to obtain biopsy samples from digestive tract and respiratory tract.


  • The jaws are made from medical stainless steel, and the head is carefully polished so that less damage is made to endoscope channel;
  • Special processing of the cutting edge makes it sharp, consistent with each other, and sampling easily and reliably;
  • Laser welding ensures high connection strength between components;
  • Ultra smooth plastic coating of spring effectively reduces the damage to endoscope channel;
  • Optimal design of handle makes the open or stop limit very clear and feels comfortable; 
  • Sterile package, disposable.

Intended use:The device is clinically used to brush cell sample.


  • Unibody design of brush and pulling wire ensures that the brush will not fall off;
  • Use imported bristles, which are neither too hard nor too soft, can brush cells easily and sufficiently;
  • Straight shape brush head is smooth and round, effectively protect human tissues and endoscope channel;
  • U-shape brush can rotate 360°to brush samples as much as possible, and can also be used for smear and cultivation;
  • Sterile package, disposable.

Intended use:This device is mainly used with endoscope to cut polyps or other redundant tissues with high-frequency current in digestive tract.


  • The loop is made of import medical stainless steel, which is of good elasticity and strength;
  • 360°rotating design of the handle provides convenience for operation;
  • PTFE sheath ensures smooth, straight, unpliancy and easier entrance to the device;
  • There are Hexagon, Oval and Crescent types to choose from according to clinical requirement.
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