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Intended use:This device is mainly used with endoscope to cut polyps or other redundant tissues with high-frequency current in digestive tract.


  • The loop is made of import medical stainless steel, which is of good elasticity and strength;
  • 360°rotating design of the handle provides convenience for operation;
  • PTFE sheath ensures smooth, straight, unpliancy and easier entrance to the device;
  • There are Hexagon, Oval and Crescent types to choose from according to clinical requirement.


  • Auto pleating machine is mainly used in dilation balloon catheter to pleat the balloon along with the catheter center so as to inprove the passability;
  • Simple PLC control provides easy operation to each pleating process;
  • Accoring to the balloon size and material,the machine could adjust pleating pressure and setting temperature;
  • After pleating the balloon could be covered directly under rotary form;
  • After pleating,the diameter rang can be 2-40mm,and the longth rang can be 10-150mm;
  • Number of wings:3,4,5,6.


  • Fast heating 1~3 sec from room temp to working temp;
  • High temp:maxium temp could reach up to 500℃,and can be used to deal with materials like PTFE;
  • Quick cooling:using semiconductor cooling technology, which only belongs to Changmei Medtech;
  • Visual interface:all parameters can be saved or changed through Touch Screen Interface Panel;
  • Precise temp control:temp precision is around ±3℃, and real time display of the temp is avaiable;
  • Quick mold/tool changing:provide more convenience;
  • Segreation designof heater coil and mold:to minimize the malfunction of heater coil.


  • The machine is mainly used to crimp the metal ring into the surface of the plastic tube.The metal could be with radiopaque feature like platinum and silver,or stronger metal like stainless steel;
  • With PLC control process,the machine could adjust rotary speed according to the material radiopaque marker;
  • Adopting edgeless technology,the surface of metal ring is smooth and of no angularities;
  • The machine could adjust depth of crimping into plastic tube according to the requirements of customers;
  • Different crimping slice is selected accoding to the diameter of metal ring.It is easy to replace the slice to meet the requirements of customers.

The utility model provides a vertebral body dilating saccule catheter. The vertebral body dilating saccule catheter comprises a saccule component, a protective sleeve, a handle component and a support wire component in the axial direction, wherein the saccule component comprises dual-cavity tubes, developing marks, a support wire, a saccule, a protective sleeve, and a spacing interface, wherein the developing marks are arranged in the

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Cryoballoon Ablation for Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation: One-Year Outcome Using Second Generation Cryoballoon

Chapter I General Provisions

The first medical device to regulate the technical review guidelines (hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Principles") in the formulation and revision work to develop this approach.
Within the meaning of Article II "Guiding Principles" means the "Medical Device Registration", "in vitro diagnostic reagents Registration" (Trial), combined with China's actual medical device technology review, as

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