Changmei Medtech

1.0mm Disposable Endoscopic Hose-type Biopsy Forceps

1.0mm Biopsy Forceps (CE MDR Certificate)

Intended use:

This device is used endoscopically to obtain biopsy samples from digestive tract and respiratory tract.


  • The jaws are made from medical stainless steel, and the head is carefully polished so that less damage is made to endoscope channel;
  • Special processing of the cutting edge makes it sharp, consistent with each other, and sampling easily and reliably;
  • Laser welding ensures high connection strength between components;
  • Ultra smooth plastic coating of spring effectively reduces the damage to endoscope channel;
  • Optimal design of handle makes the open or stop limit very clear and feels comfortable;
  • Sterile package, disposable.


Model Jaws Diameter Channel I.D. Working Length Cups Shape Coating Needle







Alligitor Cups





FB-12N-B1 1800mm
FB-12U-B1 2300mm


E-Brochure of SpyGlass™ DS and SpyBite™ Biopsy Forceps From Boston Scientific





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