Changmei Medtech

Disposable Endoscopic Stone Retrieval Basket

Intended use:

This device is mainly used to remove bile duct stones or foreign bodies in upper and lower digestive tract.


  • With injection port in handle, it is convenient to inject contrast medium smoothly.
  • Excellent delivery performance makes it easier to reach the target.
  • Push-pull handle together with rotatable design makes stone grabbing more easy and effective.
  • Diamond shape basket is easily to grab and release, especially for repeat use.
  • Memory alloy design of basket ensures that it can remain original shape after sophisticated stone removal.
  • Three different types of basket are available to meet clinical requirements, including diamond, spiral and oval shape.


Model Channel Working Length Basket Width Basket Shape Number of wires
 BS(BS1)-20*-15A4 2.0mm







Diamond Shape  

 BS(BS1)-20*-15A6 2.0mm 15mm 6
 BS(BS1)-28*-20A4 2.8mm  20mm  4
 BS(BS1)-28*-25A6  2.8mm   25mm  6
 BS(BS1)-20*-15B3 2.0mm 15mm 

Sprial Shape

 BS(BS1)-20*-15B4 2.0mm 15mm  4
 BS(BS1)-20*-15B6 2.0mm 15mm  6
 BS(BS1)-28*-15B3  2.8mm  30mm  3
 BS(BS1)-28*-15B4  2.8mm  35mm  4
 BS(BS1)-28*-15B6  2.8mm  35mm  6
 BS(BS1)-20*-15C4 2.0mm 15mm 


Oval Shape

 BS(BS1)-20*-15C6 2.0mm 15mm  6
 BS(BS1)-28*-20C4 2.8mm 20mm  4
 BS(BS1)-28*-25C6 2.8mm 25mm  6


Explanation for specification: BS/BS1 respectively represent push-pull and 3-ring handle; other working length can be chosen from N:1800mm, Q:2000mm and U:2300mm; basket effective length is 1.5*W; basket width 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm are all available.
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