Changmei Medtech

3-stage Dilation Balloon Catheter

Intended use:This device is mainly used for adults and adolescents in the dilation operation of digestive tract stricture under endoscopes.


  • 3-stage Dilation Balloon Catheter has three distinct diameters at three separate pressures during in vivo dilation, thus can achieve three kinds of conventional non compliant balloon dilation effect;
  • Elastic soft tip design, which can smoothly enter into the target position with less tissue damage;
  • Rapid drainage design can help to complete the operation faster;
  • The balloon uses imported material with thick wall design, high pressure resistance and safer dilation;
  • Thermostatic shaping after multi-wing pleating contributes to excellent resilience and flexible retreat from working channel;
  • Optimal design of the tube is smooth and of good elasticity, strong twisting resistance and easier passability;
  • The radiopaque markers on the both ends of the balloon can provide precise positioning under X-ray;
  • Balloon size and dilation information are clearly marked on protective sleeve label and device label so as to recognize easily;
  • Sterile package, disposable.


     Specification  Endoscope channel ID  Working length  Balloon diameter   Balloon length*   Balloon dilation pressure (ATM) Applicable guide wire 
     TB-28N-A*   ≥2.8   1800  6-7-8  55,80  3-6-10   0.035in
     TB-28N-B*   ≥2.8  1800  8-9-10  55,80  3-5.5-9  0.035in
     TB-28N-C*    ≥2.8  1800  10-11-12  55,80  3-5-8  0.035in
     TB-28N-D*   ≥2.8  1800  12-13.5-15  55,80  3-4.5-8   0.035in
     TB-28N-E*    ≥2.8  1800  15-16.5-18  55,80   3-4.5-7   0.035in
     TB-28N-F*   ≥2.8  1800  18-19-20  55,80 3-4.5-6   0.035in
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