Changmei Medtech

Disposable Endoscopic Cytology Brush-U Shape Brush

Intended use:The device is clinically used to brush cell sample.


  • Unibody design of brush and pulling wire ensures that the brush will not fall off;
  • Use imported bristles, which are neither too hard nor too soft, can brush cells easily and sufficiently;
  • Straight shape brush head is smooth and round, effectively protect human tissues and endoscope channel;
  • U-shape brush can rotate 360°to brush samples as much as possible, and can also be used for smear and cultivation;
  • Sterile package, disposable.


Model Sheath O.D Channel I.D Working length Brush Shape
BC-20E-A 1.7 ≥2.0 1200 Straight Shape
BC-28K-A 2.3 ≥2.8 1600
BC-28U-A 2.3 ≥2.8 2300
BC-20E-B 1.7 ≥2.0 1200 Shape
BC-28K-B 2.3 ≥2.8 1600
BC-28U-B 2.3 ≥2.8 2300


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