Changmei Medtech

Guide wire other than intravascular - for digestive tract and respiratory tract

Intended use: This device is endoscopically used in digestive system or respiratory tract to guide other devices.


  • Anti-twisting and high elastic NiTi core wire provides excellent torsional rigidity and can pass through complex anatomical structures 
  • Ultra-smooth PTFE coating is convenient for insertion, and bi-color helix design provides clear judgment of motion;
  • Hydrophilic and radiopaque soft head design ensures smooth movement and accurate positioning under X-ray;
  • Soft and round tip design reduces tissue damage of the patients;
  • Patented soft tip connection technology provides multiple protection, thus it is impossible to break off; 
  • Various specifications are available according to clinical requirements, such as stiff guide wire, plastic coated guide wire, zebra guide wire, etc.


Model O.D.(mm/inch) Length***(cm) Characteristics
GW-88-***-A1 0.88/0.035 180,260,450 Big head stiff guide wire
GW-88-***-A2 Flat head stiff guide wire
GW-88-***-B1 260,450 Plastic coated straight guide wire
GW-88-***-B2 Plastic coated curved guide wire
GW-88-***-C1 Straight zebra guide wire
GW-88-***-C2 Curved  zebra guide wire
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