Changmei Medtech

Balloon Forming Machine


  • 11"table with build-in PLC and forming data storage.One-key conversion when changing different mold;
  • Visual charts for forming process including suck key parameters as temp,pressure,tension etc;
  • Water-cooling design,20 sec from 150℃ to 25℃;
  • Servo drive and digital tension respond applied in axial streching offer precise control over wall thickness and neck size of balloon;
  • Resistive heater with dedicated PID control ensure fast heating&precise temp control;
  • Unique prasion with rapid loading design(patent pending) only takes 10 sec to load an ordinary balloon parison;
  • Balloon forming pressure by digital proportional valve can provide various pressure configuration according to different forming requirements.Pressure precision:around 1%.

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz 20A
Forming temperature 0~300±1.5
Surrounding temperature 23±5
Size of machine 1550*650*350mm(L*W*H)
Weight of machine 95Kg
Size of balloon Diameter:2.0~40mm  Length:5~150mm
Material of balloon PA,PEBAX,PU,PET, PE,PVC etc
Forming pressure 0~3.0MPa(optional 5.0 MPa)clean nitrogen
Compressed air 0.65~0.76MPa 

*Technical Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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