Changmei Medtech

Tip Forming Machine


  • Fast heating 1~3 sec from room temp to working temp;
  • High temp:maxium temp could reach up to 500℃,and can be used to deal with materials like PTFE;
  • Quick cooling:using semiconductor cooling technology, which only belongs to Changmei Medtech;
  • Visual interface:all parameters can be saved or changed through Touch Screen Interface Panel;
  • Precise temp control:temp precision is around ±3℃, and real time display of the temp is avaiable;
  • Quick mold/tool changing:provide more convenience;
  • Segreation designof heater coil and mold:to minimize the malfunction of heater coil.

Technical Specifications:

RF 40.68MHZ±0.5%
Input voltage 220V±10%
Input current 5A
Iput powet 1000W
Output power 200W or 500W
Heating temp 0~500

*Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Application Scope

  1. Soft tips
  2. Tube welding
  3. Closed tips
  4. Open tips
  5. Catheter constriction
  6. Tapered tubing ends
  7. Tipping of irregular shapes
  8. Change multi-lumen to single lumen
  9. Soft tips forming and welding 
  10. Customer design


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