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Global Balloon Kyphoplasty Market 2015-2019

About Balloon Kyphoplasty
VCF is characterized by the collapse of one or more vertebral bodies, resulting in persistent and unbearable pain in patients. Osteoporosis, a degenerative bone disease, is a leading cause of VCF among elderly women. Metastatic bone disease, multiple myeloma, metastatic spinal tumors, and traumatic injuries also cause VCF.
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Balloon Kyphoplasty technology can help treat vertebral fractures: Experts

KOLKATA: If you are among those who close their eyes to back pain simply as outcome of overwork, this may give you a reason to think otherwise. According to scientific research, chronic back pain, which is often mistaken as fatigue, is strongly associated with vertebral fractures, leading to functional loss, disability, poor quality of life and osteoporotic compression fractures affects millions of people globally.
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20 Facts About the Spine

Thanks to our friends at The Georgia Spine and Neurosurgery Centre for the putting together this amazing facts about our spines.The spinal column – or backbone – is instrumental to the strength, support, flexibility and range of movement our bodies possess.

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Technology of spine care

How can extremity, upper or lower, be related to problems in back or neck?
Extremity pain , usually radiating pain down the arm or leg typically occurs when there is nerve compression in the neck or the low back. This is often reffered to as radiculopathy. The nerve compression usually occurs from disc herniation or bone spurs, but there are other causes.

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