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Disposable Polypectomy Snare

Intended use:This device is mainly used with endoscope to cut polyps or other redundant tissues with high-frequency current in digestive tract.


  • The loop is made of import medical stainless steel, which is of good elasticity and strength;
  • 360°rotating design of the handle provides convenience for operation;
  • PTFE sheath ensures smooth, straight, unpliancy and easier entrance to the device;
  • There are Hexagon, Oval and Crescent types to choose from according to clinical requirement.


Model Sheath O.D Channel I.D Working length Loop Width* Loop Shape
SD-28N-*A 2.3 ≥2.8 1800 15,20,25,30 Hexagon
SD-28U-*A 2300
SD-20N-*B 1.8 ≥2.0 1800 15,20,25 Oval
SD-20U-*B 2300
SD-28N-*B 2.3 ≥2.8 1800 15,25,30,35
SD-28U-*B 2300
SD-28N-*C 1800 15,20,25 Crescent
SD-28U-*C 2300


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