Changmei Medtech

Changmei Medtech's West Taihu Plant groundbreaking ceremony was successfully held

The sun is just sailing in, and the dream is built together. On the morning of July 3, the groundbreaking ceremony of the West Taihu Plant of Jiangsu Changmei Medtech Co., Ltd. [WinMed Ultra-high Pressure Balloon R&D and Industrialization Project] was successfully held. Changmei medical management personnel, construction unit, design unit, project management company leaders participated in this event. Yuan Luxin, general manager of Jiangsu Changmei Medtech Co., Ltd., Fang Peiqi, chairman of Jiangsu Tianqi Construction Co., Ltd., Liu Kang, general manager of Jiangsu Yingte Engineering Consulting Design Management Co., Ltd., and Wang Junjie, general manager of Jiangsu Baoji Construction Project Management Co., Ltd., all came to the stage to deliver speeches. He expressed his congratulations and expressed his willingness to cooperate with each other, do a good job in detail, and welcome the perfect completion of Jiangsu WinMed Medical's ultra-high pressure balloon research and development and industrialization project in May 2023.

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