American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2015 was held in Las Vegas, will be March 24 -28, 25, began the exhibition hall open, hang in there are some interesting findings, one by one to share with you. Point here is a balloon expandable intramedullary fixation system: Photodynamic Balloon Stabilization System (balloon light dynamic stabilization system). PKP before being placed in the body and used much like a balloon, strip, soft, non-metallic, insert the canal, after reaching the desired position, push syringe injection whole canal expansion, and fit with the inner wall of the canal, hardness strengthened, obtain stable fixing.

Like a soft insert guide pin before injection, water injection process, with pressure changes, bright colors seem to also change.

In vitro expansion of the sample, from the appearance not to have other associations, hardness pleated bend.

The main advantage of this fastening system comprising:

Percutaneous insertion canal, trauma; buckling before expansion can be freely shaping, laminating marrow can quickly harden, rotate, stretch good stability;

X-ray permeable, easy to better observe the skeletal anatomy.

However, the clinical application of the outcome, remains to be seen, new things, first look.