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Oct 18

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Oct 18

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Jiangsu ChangMei Medtech Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and design of medical devices, with a particular focus on medical balloon research and production. We can provide integrated solutions of balloon and catheter related products as well as full-set production equipment according to customer requirements. Technology transfer, production drawings and related data are also available.
We’ve already got EN ISO: 13485:2012 Certificate and EC Certificate by TUV SUD Product Service GmbH on January 8th of this year. Our innovative balloon technology, production equipment and fully integrated manufacturing closely follow the trend of the world, committing to domestically localize the balloon catheter solutions so as to provide quality service for medical device companies and patients both at home and abroad. Our timely delivery and excellent service have already been well received in medical industry. We will maintain and continually improve our quality management system to ensure its effectiveness and comply with all applicable requirements.

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Changmei Medtech Co., LTD's mission is to make the world first-class professional manufacturing company of the balloon.

Integrity, accountability, personnel, performance, are the values of Changmei all employees.

Jiangsu ChangMei Medtech get EN ISO: 13485:2012 Certificate by TUV SUD Product Service GmbH on 2015-01-08.

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Melanie W. Castaneda form Scenic Way

Patient information

Full name: Melanie W. Castaneda
Age: 24
Job: Card punching machine operator

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Aurora E. Cotter

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